No Such Thing As Death
Discovering the Abundance of Your Soul
After the Transition of a Loved One

Author Sarminia RutterWelcome

spacerDeath is something all of us must experience at some point. No matter where we are, who we are, or what we do, there is no escaping death. How you choose to deal with it depends on your level of consciousness, your beliefs, and your spiritual path. If you find yourself reading these words, then there is a profound reason for it. I would like you to have reverence for the energies that have led you to this book. I feel that many of the words in this book were channeled through me by a Higher Power, even though the experience was my own. As you read this book, you will become clearer and clearer about what this Higher Power is and how your life can transform if you learn to align with it. Essentially, this Higher Power is Divine Will, which is the will of God, not your own egoic will, which is very different.

This book will be somewhat of a spiritual autobiography in which I share how I opened to the Divine in the process of grieving my husband’s death and was presented with the gift of self-awakening. My hope is that you will find some relief in relating to my struggles, but that you will also partake in my spiritual journey, which led me to the eventual realization of who I really am—an eternal spiritual being of light, a God being, who is here to love and to be loved. Even if you have not experienced the loss of a love one, I believe this book will aid in your spiritual awakening, if that is what you seek. However, if you have lost someone, please allow the discoveries I’ve made to be the silver that lines the cloud of emotions surrounding your loss.

This book is meant to be read from beginning to end. Throughout it, I will use the words Divine, God, and Universe interchangeably. To me, they all mean the same thing; they represent the Higher Power orchestrating and experiencing all things at all times. It is a power that can be known only if we truly surrender. Everything described within these pages happened to me, and as you will see, this experience altered the way I see life. It transformed my reality so that I could truly experience the magic and wonder life has to offer. Prior to the extraordinary experience I had with my husband, it was as if I were living life in black and white, but afterwards, my life transformed into the full intensity of the entire color spectrum. The lessons I’ve learned are priceless. My deepest wish is that you too will be able to discover who you really are so you may realize your own birthright…to live infinite miracles in every moment of this precious gift we call life.

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