No Such Thing As Death
Discovering the Abundance of Your Soul
After the Transition of a Loved One

Author Sarminia Rutter About the Author

spacerSarmina Rutter was born in Glasgow, Scotland, the youngest of three children in a prominent Bengali family. Her family immigrated to Canada and then the U.S. when she was a child. She spent most of her formative years on the East Coast before settling in Columbus, Ohio, where she became a U.S. citizen.

In 1994, Sarmina acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. After a brief tenure in Baltimore, she returned to Ohio, and eventually moved to Chicago, where she worked at the Shedd Aquarium, educating the public and school children about the manmade dangers to their natural habitats. Sarmina relocated to Hawai'i in 2000, earning a Master's degree in Geography at UH-Manoa, and later taught Geographyat Leeward Community College.

Throughout her life, Sarmina has acquired extensive travel experience voyaging to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Japan, the Philippines, Macau, and most of Europe, including a temporary residence in Greece as well as London, England, where she conducted fieldwork for her Master's thesis. These travels enabled her to experience living among many different cultures and religions.

In addition to her conventional education, Sarmina has devoted countless hours to her quest for knowledge in the realms of spirituality, metaphysics, Eastern mysticism, psychology, health and wellness, self-improvement, and unity consciousness, all in her pursuit of enlightenment. She has devoted her life to helping others and seeks to raise the collective vibration of humanity by sharing her unique insight and experiences.

Sarmina is affiliated with Mouna Farm Arts & Cultural Village (, Waianae, Oahu, which is dedicated to Sharing the heart through silence, nature and art. Her upcoming projects in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) are an extension of Mouna Farm. A percentage of all book sales will go directly to this organization.

Sarmina lives with her wonderful ten-year old daughter Zoey in Hawai'i, five minutes from the beach.

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