No Such Thing As Death
Discovering the Abundance of Your Soul
After the Transition of a Loved One

No Such THing As Death by Sarminia Rutter About the Book

spacerThis book is a personal account of my encounter with death through the loss of my husband. But it is far more than just about my experience with death. It’s actually a book about surrendering to the Divine. It’s really about giving up what and who we think we are, and living from God’s perspective.

I’ve always had a strange fascination with death. I remember when I was about six years old, I asked my big brother and sister whether people continue to grow hair and nails and grow in height after they die. “No, of course not! If they’re dead, they can’t grow!” they replied with annoyance. I didn’t quite understand and continued to ponder “Why don’t they? What happens to people after they die?” Later, when I was nine years old, I suddenly had the thought, If I didn’t exist, would I know that I didn’t exist, and would anything exist without my own existence? I wondered for a while, If there was nothing, would I know that there was nothing? And who would be “I” if “I” didn’t 4 No Such Thing As Death exist? These questions all really had to do with consciousness, who we really are, and what happens to our consciousness after we die.

In my late teens, I began reading books on consciousness, healing, the power of thought, creating your future, etc. I particularly liked books by Deepak Chopra because he was always coming out with something new every time I looked. He was also an Indian immigrant doctor just like my father, so I resonated with him, and he spoke from a scientific perspective, which I loved.

I also read Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization. These books made me wonder further what we all are, and what the heck we are doing here!

“A story of love and deep surrender, Sarmina takes readers on her personal journey of healing and inner transformation. Raw, engaging, and powerful, this book speaks directly to the soul while providing practical tools to tap into the infinite abundance within.” — Mitsuyo Lani Suzuki-Severa, Counselor at University of Hawai’i at Kapi’olani Community College

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