No Such Thing As Death
Discovering the Abundance of Your Soul
After the Transition of a Loved One

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spacerThere is no such thing as death. Life and love are eternal, and you will see your loved ones again.

This powerful message lies at the heart of No Such Thing as Death, the inspiring true story of Sarmina Rutter, who watched her husband, Kenji, slowly die over several years from a cancerous tumor until his spirit finally left his body just days before his forty-third birthday.

But Kenji’s spirit didn’t leave this earth—at least not completely. Soon Sarmina found her husband sending her signs and messages from beyond the grave, confirmation for her that death is not final but only a transition into the next stage of life.

In these pages, Sarmina shares her experiences and, even more importantly, the fount of wisdom that erupted for her once she came to realize that life is eternal. Discover here how you can free yourself from fear to live with an abundance consciousness. Learn how to take your power back and to create your own reality with full trust in your Divine self. Accept this knowledge as your wonderful inheritance from your loved ones, and use it to your greater happiness until you can join them in the eternal life beyond.

A percentage of all book sales will go directly to Mouna Farm Arts & Cultural Village (, Waianae, Oahu, to help fund its releif projects in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh).

No Such Thing as Death is a very powerful and important book...written straight from the heart, it contains valuable lessons for all of us. It is a classic example of how obstacles can be conquered and tragedy can transcend into triumph. Sarmina shares her profound wisdom and insight, and the reader gains a higher understanding of what death is and what it is not...invoking a greater gratitude for life and all that is sacred.” — Eddie Scales, Musician/Author


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